Unlocking the Truth: Can Employees Leave Valuable Google Reviews? Exploring the Impact and Guidelines for Businesses

Can Employees Leave Google Reviews?

In today’s digital age, online reviews have become an essential part of the consumer decision-making process. One of the most popular platforms for leaving reviews is Google, with millions of people relying on them to make informed choices about products and services. But have you ever wondered if employees can also leave Google reviews? In this article, we will explore this topic and provide insights into the guidelines and implications of employees leaving Google reviews.

Understanding Google’s Review Policies

Google’s review policies state that reviews should be written by real customers who have actually used the product or service. This means that as an employee, you cannot leave a review for your own company. Google has strict guidelines in place to prevent biased or fake reviews. Their algorithm is designed to detect and filter out spam or biased reviews, so if you are an employee trying to boost your company’s ratings, chances are your review will not even see the light of day.

But what if you are a former employee? Can you still leave a Google review for your past company? The short answer is yes. As long as the review is genuine and based on your personal experience as a customer, it is within Google’s guidelines. However, it is always advisable to disclose your previous employment in the review to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

The Pros and Cons of Employees Leaving Google Reviews

Having employees leave Google reviews can potentially have both positive and negative effects on a company. Let’s explore some of them.


  • Boost in Ratings: Positive reviews from employees can increase a company’s overall rating, which can attract more customers and improve its online reputation.
  • Personal Connection: Employees are the backbone of an organization, and their positive reviews can create a personal connection with potential customers.
  • Increase in Employee Morale: When employees feel valued and supported by their company, they are more likely to leave positive reviews, which can boost their morale.


  • Biased Reviews: Employees may feel obliged to leave positive reviews even if their experience was not entirely positive, resulting in biased reviews.
  • Negative Impact on Morale: If employees have a negative experience with their company, they may choose to express their frustrations through negative reviews, which can potentially harm their morale and the company’s reputation.
  • Potential Legal Issues: Since employees are representing their company when leaving a review, any negative or defamatory remarks can lead to legal repercussions for both the employee and the company.

FAQs about Employees Leaving Google Reviews

1. Can I leave a Google review for my current company?

No, as per Google’s review policies, reviews should be based on personal experiences as a customer, and employees cannot review their own company.

2. Can I ask my employees to leave reviews for our company?

Encouraging or incentivizing employees to leave positive reviews can be seen as manipulation, which goes against Google’s policies. It is best to let your employees leave reviews on their own accord.

3. What should I do if I receive a negative review from a current or former employee?

Responding to negative reviews is key to maintaining a positive online reputation. The best approach is to address the concerns raised by the employee and offer a resolution if possible.

4. Can I remove a review left by a current or former employee?

If a review violates Google’s policies, you can request its removal through your Google My Business account. Otherwise, you cannot force an employee to delete their review.

5. Is it ethical for employees to leave reviews for their company?

As long as the reviews are genuine and based on personal experiences as a customer, there is nothing unethical about employees leaving reviews for their company.

The Bottom Line

Employees can leave reviews for their company on Google, as long as they comply with the platform’s policies and guidelines. While positive reviews can boost a company’s reputation, negative reviews can have the opposite effect. As an employee, it is essential to be honest, transparent, and follow ethical practices when leaving Google reviews for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a former employee leave a negative review for their past company?

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