Do Cats and Dogs Know the Answers to Google Feud?

It’s no secret that cats and dogs have been stealing our hearts since time immemorial. But do these beloved furry creatures know the answers to one of the internet’s most popular quiz games – Google Feud? Let’s explore this intriguing question and find out if cats and dogs can give us some of our top scores.

Can cats and dogs solve Google Feud questions? The answer is both yes and no. While cats and dogs may not be able to understand the exact words in a Google Feud question, they are able to pick up on subtle cues from their owners. This means that cats and dogs can often sense when their owners are happy or frustrated with a certain answer, which can help them make an educated guess about what the correct answer might be.

For example, if you ask your cat or dog a Google Feud question that has multiple options, they may be able to pick up on your body language when you say one of the answers aloud. If they see you nodding your head or smiling while saying one of the possible answers, they may take this as a sign that it is the correct answer! Similarly, if they see you frowning or shaking your head while giving an answer, they may assume that it is incorrect.

Furthermore, cats and dogs have highly developed senses of hearing—which means that if you say any of the possible answers aloud, even at a whisper level, they will likely pick up on this sound. They might then be able to remember which one was said more frequently than others—which could mean it is the correct answer!


Cats and dogs cannot directly understand human language like we do; however, they can pick up on subtle cues such as body language or sounds in order to make an educated guess about whether an answer is right or wrong. So although cats and dogs cannot actually “Google” an answer for us (in most cases), their incredible senses can help them give us hints in order to get some high scores on Google Feud! Who knew these furry friends could be so helpful?

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