The Benefits of Participating in the Doodle for Google Contest

Have you ever thought about how your art could be featured on one of the world’s most popular search engines? Entering the Doodle for Google contest is a great way to do just that! This annual competition encourages K-12 students to create their own unique Google logo design inspired by the year’s theme. In addition to having their artwork featured, participants can also win some pretty amazing prizes. Let’s take a closer look at why participating in this contest is worth it.

Recognition and Exposure

The Doodle for Google contest gives young artists the chance to show off their talents and have their work seen by thousands of people around the world. Along with getting recognition from friends and family, entrants are also able to receive feedback from professional judges on what they can improve upon. It’s a great opportunity for aspiring artists to gain experience and build confidence in their abilities!

Networking Opportunities

Participants will have plenty of opportunities to network with other creative minds during this competition. During each round, participants are encouraged to connect with one another and provide constructive criticism on each other’s artwork. These connections could potentially lead to future collaborations or even job offers from industry professionals who stumble across an entrant’s work!


The grand prize winner will have their doodle featured on Google’s homepage for a full day along with winning $30,000 towards college tuition or creating a charitable donation. Other finalists receive prizes such as Chromebooks or Android tablets—allowing them to continue creating amazing works of art! Not only that, but all participants get exclusive opportunities such as attending interactive workshops as well as an invitation from Google staff members for special events like field trips or meetups throughout the year.

Conclusion: Participation in the Doodle for Google competition has countless benefits that go beyond simply having your artwork seen around the world. With its networking opportunities, potential job offers, and educational scholarships—the Doodle for Google contest is definitely something worth considering! So if you’re an aspiring artist between K-12 grade level looking for ways to showcase your talent then consider entering this exciting competition today!

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