Navigate the Streets with Ease: A Guide to Using Street View on Google Maps for Android

Tips for Viewing Street View on Google Maps on Android

Google Maps is undoubtedly a go-to app for many when it comes to navigating and exploring their surroundings. With its extensive database and constantly updated information, it has become an essential tool for travelers, tourists, and even locals. One of its most impressive features is Street View, which allows users to view 360-degree street-level imagery of most locations around the world. In this article, we will be discussing how to access and use Street View on Google Maps on an Android device. So, let’s dive right in!

Accessing Street View on Google Maps

Before we jump into how to use Street View, let’s first learn how to access it. On your Android device, open the Google Maps app and enter the location you want to explore. Once the location is displayed on the map, you can access Street View by tapping on the small yellow person icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. The map will then transition to the Street View mode, and you can start exploring.

Using Street View on Google Maps

Once you are in Street View, you can move around by swiping your finger across the screen. You can also use the on-screen navigation arrows to move in specific directions. Double-tapping on the screen will zoom in while two-finger swiping will zoom out. To get a 360-degree view, you can rotate your device or use the on-screen compass. To exit Street View, simply tap on the map icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

In some locations, you might notice blue lines on the map while in Street View mode. These lines indicate where you can access more Street View images. Simply tap on them to move to the next location. You might also see small circles with arrows on them while exploring. These are points of interest, and tapping on them will provide you with more information, including photos and reviews. You can also use the address box at the top of the screen to switch to another location while in Street View mode.

Enabling Real-Time Street View

In addition to the static Street View images, Google Maps also offers a real-time Street View feature. This feature is available in select locations and provides users with live images of their precise location. To access this feature, simply tap on the icon with the camera and green circles at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will switch to real-time Street View mode, and you can explore your surroundings in real-time.

Benefits of Using Street View on Google Maps

Now that you know how to access and use Street View on Google Maps, let’s discuss why it can be beneficial to use this feature. First and foremost, Street View allows you to explore a location before visiting it physically. This can be helpful for planning your trip, browsing potential neighborhoods to move to, or simply satisfying your curiosity about a particular place. Additionally, Street View can serve as a virtual tour guide, providing you with information and images of points of interest in a particular location. Moreover, Street View can be used as a safety tool by allowing you to explore an area before heading there, giving you a sense of familiarity with the surroundings.


In conclusion, Google Maps’ Street View is an incredibly useful feature for anyone who wants to explore their surroundings in detail. With its easy accessibility on Android devices, users can access Street View with just a few taps and start exploring their desired location in no time. Whether you are planning a trip, looking for a new home, or just curious about a particular place, Street View on Google Maps is a valuable tool that you should make use of. So, the next time you open Google Maps on your Android device, don’t forget to check out Street View and see the world in a whole new way!

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