Unlock the Top 10 Surprising Body Parts – Google Feud Answers Revealed!

What Body Parts Can You Google Feud Answers?

When it comes to answering random questions, Google Feud has become a popular choice amongst internet users in the UK. This game involves guessing the most popular Google search queries based on a given topic, making it a fun and interactive way to test one’s knowledge. One popular category in Google Feud is “Body Parts”, which often leads to some interesting and unexpected search results. Let’s take a closer look at some of these questions and the answers that top the Google search results.


Unsurprisingly, the head is the most searched body part in Google Feud. People are curious about everything from the size of the average human head to bizarre questions like “Can I buy a brain on the black market?” and “Can you cough up a lung?” It seems that the head is a never-ending source of fascination for people in the UK.


The heart is another popular body part in Google Feud. People want to know everything from its size and location in the human body to more serious questions like “Can you die from a broken heart?” Interestingly, the top search result for this question states that dying from a broken heart is possible, but rare.


The stomach seems to be a never-ending source of health concerns for people in the UK. Common searches in Google Feud include “Why does my stomach growl?” and “Why is my stomach numb?” Other questions focus on the size and functions of the stomach, such as “How many pints of food can your stomach hold?” and “What does the stomach do in the digestive system?”


Feet may not seem like the most popular body part, but they certainly generate some interesting Google Feud queries. Users are curious about everything from the average shoe size to more bizarre questions like “Can feet grow back?” and “Can you die from smelly feet?” The answers may surprise you.


The back is another commonly searched body part in Google Feud, with questions ranging from the best remedies for back pain to more peculiar queries like “Why is my back always itchy?” and “Can you break your back by sneezing?” While back pain may be a common ailment for many, some of these questions may leave you scratching your own back in confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Feud and Body Parts

  • Q: Can I play Google Feud on my phone?

    A: Yes, Google Feud is available as a mobile app on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Q: Is Google Feud free to play?

    A: Yes, Google Feud can be played for free in your web browser or as a mobile app.
  • Q: Can Google Feud improve my search engine skills?

    A: While not a scientific study, playing Google Feud may help improve your ability to think like a search engine and come up with popular search queries.
  • Q: Are there any other categories in Google Feud besides body parts?

    A: Yes, Google Feud has a variety of topics including culture, names, and questions, among others.
  • Q: Is Google Feud available in other languages besides English?

    A: Yes, Google Feud is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, and German.

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