What Body Parts Can You Google Feud Answers for?

Are you a fan of the online game, Google Feud? If so, you’re probably familiar with the challenge of trying to guess what the most popular answers are to a given question. But did you know that many questions in this game involve body parts? With a bit of luck and some clever guesses, you can get the answers right and make your way up the leaderboard! Let’s take a look at some of the body parts you can use for Google Feud answers.

Heads & Faces

One common type of question in Google Feud involves heads and faces. For example, “What do you put on your ___” or “What has a ___ and two eyes.” In these cases, some popular answers include hat, face, glasses, mask, helmet, wig, and makeup. Other head-related questions might be “What do people do when they have a headache?” Popular answers here could be take medicine, drink water, sleep it off, or take ibuprofen.

Arms & Hands

Questions involving arms and hands are also quite common in Google Feud. These questions might include “What do people do when they don’t like someone?” Popular answers could be ignore them or turn away from them; other possibilities include give them dirty looks or shake their fists. Questions involving hands might ask something like “What do people do with their hands when they are angry?” Here popular answers could be clench them into fists or point fingers; shaking them is another possible answer as well.

Legs & Feet

Questions about legs and feet also appear fairly often in Google Feud. For example, one common question might ask “What does someone do with their feet when they are tired?” Popular answers here could include tap them on the ground or bounce them up and down; flexing or stretching one’s feet is also an acceptable answer. Other questions about legs may involve activities such as dancing or running; popular answers here could include jump around or move quickly (or slowly).
Conclusion: So as we can see from this overview of body parts that can appear in Google Feud questions and answers, there are plenty of fun possibilities to explore! Whether it’s heads & faces, arms & hands, legs & feet–or any other body part!–Google Feud is sure to challenge your knowledge while providing some lighthearted entertainment at the same time! So why not give it a try today? You never know what new things you’ll learn along the way!

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