Exploring the French Connection to Google Feud Answers

Have you ever wondered why some of the answers on Google Feud seem to be so, well, French? It turns out that there’s a good reason for that—the game was actually developed in France! In this blog post, we’ll explore why the French influence is so strong in Google Feud and what it can tell us about the nature of the game.

Google Feud is a web-based game created by Jean-Baptiste Gros and Alexandre Delaunay of French startup company SCIMOB. The goal of the game is to guess the top 10 most popular search results for a given query. Players are presented with a question and then have to choose one of four possible answers. If their answer matches one of the top 10 search results, they get a point; if not, they don’t get any points.

Winning at Google Feud requires more than just luck; players must also possess an understanding of how people use search engines. This is why French players tend to do better at Google Feud than other players; because as native French speakers, they understand how people from their country use search engines better than anyone else. Not only that, but many of France’s top search terms are very specific to its culture and language—terms that non-French speakers may not be familiar with. As such, it’s no wonder that French answers often appear on Google Feud!

In addition to its cultural relevance, another reason why the French influence is so strong in Google Feud has to do with its development team. Unlike many other games developed by large companies or teams, SCIMOB consists solely of Gros and Delaunay—two friends who share a mutual love for coding and gaming. Together, they bring their expertise in both areas to create unique experiences like Google Feud that take advantage of both their technical knowledge and cultural backgrounds.


All in all, there’s no denying that France plays an important role in shaping our experience with Google Feud. From its development team’s cultural backgrounds to its understanding of how people use search engines, it’s clear that being able to think like a Frenchman can give you an edge when playing this popular online game! So if you ever find yourself stuck trying to guess an answer on Google Feud—just remember that maybe it might not be as hard as you think if you just think like a Frenchman!

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